Regularly uncomfortable, calluses are hardened patches of skin due to repeated friction. They tend to be significantly larger than corns. Self treatment should only be attempted after consulting with a foot health care expert.

From the Latin ‘callum’ meaning ‘thick skin’, calluses are exactly that; thick, rough skin around areas that face repeated friction or pressure. 

Besides poorly fitting shoes, calluses are most frequently caused due to habits and lifestyle. Any repetitive physical activity runs the risk of causing hard skin EG playing the guitar can lead to callus at the end of the fingers. 

With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why 50% of my clinic appointments revolve around callus treatment. Our feet take an absolute pounding in our day to day lives, office footwear places even more stress on them through tight fits and poor ventilation; all the perfect recipe for developing foot issues. 

It can affect anywhere on the foot but is most commonly seen on the heel, the edge of the foot and the balls of your feet.

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