Foot Health Practitioner

As a qualified, registered & insured foot health practitioner, I take absolute pride in delivering friendly, efficient pain relief & treatment to people in the Stockport area. Not only do I treat a wide range of conditions, but I can also advise on general foot health designed with preventing future issues. Full foot assessments and care plans are core features to any successful treatment; these are completed on your very first visit, giving you a clear roadmap to healthy feet. 

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What are the differences between a podiatrist & a foot health practitioner?

Both are registered, qualified, capable & respected within the wider healthcare community. 

Foot health practitioners are able to identify and treat a wide range of foot conditions, without the need to refer to a podiatrist or chiropodist. 


Unlike foot health practitioners, podiatrists tend to deal with issues with the entire lower leg, with a focus on ligaments, tendons & bones. 

In the vast majority of problems arising from foot conditions, there really isn’t any need to find a podiatrist; a foot health practitioner will be just fine. 

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